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Concept design: borders and intersections

After a proven record on data visualization and information design, first with my own company, and then in a big corporation such as BBVA, one of the world’s largest financial institutions and a leader in digital transformation, I oriented my career over the last years on the search of new ways of communicating what’s beyond the algorithms we develop today. I feel more comfortable in the abstract and figurative but I also enjoy grounding those ideas.

I have worked with designers, data scientists and business domain experts on creating bridges and common languages, on the definition of new digital products and on building a common vision and strategy.

Hybrid role: the designer today is punch

art direction · strategy & vision· research · transmedia new narratives · design fiction · data products · product and concept design · art · applied AI · data visualization · algorithms representation

The designer today is color, is material, is structure, is strategy, is vision and is narrative. The designer is dialogue between disciplines and is the interest to learn from them, is understanding people and their needs, is dissemination, is communication, is prototyping, is a message. Is punch.

I like to call them water. Or cement. That strains and that when it dries something clicks. Read more: El diseñador como narrador (in Spanish)

Digital and physical world: it's the same

Life is not just about digital. Or physical. Every experience shapes and prepares us for what is to come. I don't think we should make techonology more human, I believe that we have to push technology forward to understand us better.

I understand a digital product, not as a sum of different roles and disciplines, but as an orchestrated set of domains and its delicate equilibrium of processes, materials, people and strategy. As the art direction of a movie.

I take inspiration from the world around, the most simple and manual processes, like analogical photography, to transform those rationals into new products. Algorithms and data are just new materials with which we can play to keep answering human questions.

New Narratives: get society in the loop

I mix art, design and scientific knowledge to create contemporary communication pieces as dialogue tools. Ads, events, experiments and use cases.

Science today is more present than ever in our daily lives. Understanding the way we interact with our context, the broad offer of products and services, the access to people or to ourselves by carrying intelligent devices, is about more than just a question of interpretability. It is about a dialogue. And we need to include people in that dialogue. Traditional communication and advertising need new channels and habitats. This means, instead of communicate, disseminate. Be more responsible, more sustainable and more generous. And do it in a beautiful way.

Selected media coverage, speaker engagements and awards:
Los sistemas de recomendación te van a conocer como si te hubieran parido, EL PAÍS RETINA, March 24, 2018
Del homo sapiens al homo deus, La Razón, March 24, 2018
Algoritmos, emociones y la magdalena de Proust: un debate sobre el futuro de la IA, BBVA.com, March 24, 2018
Proust y la AI: Cómo la literatura puede ser valiosa para la analítica de datos, BBVA.com, April 30, 2018
Por qué montar una start-up a base de datos, Forbes, August 17, 2014
BBVA Open Talks Madrid: ¿Condiciona la IA nuestras decisiones?, April 19, 2018
Open Data Madrid Awards, Jury and speaker, 2018
IEEE VIS Berlin, Selected poster for the Interpretability workshop organized by Google Brain and IBM, 2018
Information Is Beautiful awards- Shortlist 2016
BBVA Innova Challenge, Awarded in 2014 and 2015