iskra velitchkova
generative artist

also pointline

Life is not just about digital. Or physical. I don't think we should make tecnonology more human, I believe that we have to push technology forward to understand us better.


digital work
New: ToSolaris
plotter work

data design and strategy



short films


twitter: pointline_
ig: ognyveli

Last updated on 2022, Madrid.

Selected Exhibitions

Proof of People
By Verticalcrypto Art, July, London, 2022.
Unblock Gaudi
Museum Angewandte Kunst, May, Frankfurt, 2022.
Natively Digital 1.3: Generative Art
Sotheby's New York, April, 2022.
Field Guide
Feral File, 20 January, 2022. Curated by Jason Bailey (Artnome).
Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art
Art Basel Miami, Miami, 2021.
Feral File, 30 November, 2021. Curated by Casey Reas.
AlterHen Gallery, October, 2021.
What hot sh!t
Galerie Greulich, 7 July, Frankfurt, 2021
A Visual Culture
Van Der Plas Art Gallery, 24 March - 4 April, New York, 2021.
MADS Gallery, 21-31 May, Milan, 2021.
IEEE VIS Berlin, Selected poster for the Interpretability workshop organized by Google Brain and IBM, Berlin, 2018

Selected Media/Awards

Podcast "Probably Nothing" - Interview with Iskra Velitchkov
October 12, with @eEko33, 2021.
ArtyNFT, Interview
13 October 13, ArtyNFT, 2021
Diseñador de visualización de datos
26 April, Expansión, 2021.
Los sistemas de recomendación te van a conocer como si te hubieran parido, EL PAÍS RETINA, March 24, 2018
Del homo sapiens al homo deus, La Razón, March 24, 2018
Algoritmos, emociones y la magdalena de Proust: un debate sobre el futuro de la IA,, March 24, 2018
Proust y la AI: Cómo la literatura puede ser valiosa para la analítica de datos,, April 30, 2018
Por qué montar una start-up a base de datos, Forbes, August 17, 2014
BBVA Open Talks Madrid: ¿Condiciona la IA nuestras decisiones?, April 19, 2018
Open Data Madrid Awards, Jury and speaker, 2018
Information Is Beautiful awards- Shortlist 2016
BBVA Innova Challenge, Awarded in 2014 and 2015