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NFT or/and print, digital or/and physical, I
Posted on February 5, 2021

Today I went to pick up my first generative prints.
When I work on paper I use to plot with Axidraw, but I decided to create way more complex patterns and shapes which would definitely drive crazy my dear machine. In fact, it’s not about getting crazy or not, it’s that they are two ways of working with two different techniques for two very different concepts of work. Actually I use the Axidraw when I need to shape a very concrete collection of lines and geometric shapes...

...and I stay on digital when it comes to a system or a pure generative concept.

That space in digital allows me to explore and get into the crypto market. An extensive collection of digital galleries are starting to pop up, many of them based on Blockchain technology and they are opening a completely new paradigm of what the art market is about, and how it works.

The point is that, I focus my work on the intersection and collaboration between humans and machines. This means for me a common purpose along all my projects: I combine digital and physical as the two sides of a coin for each work. So now the question is: should I pair my tokenized works on digital galleries with a physical (high quality printed) work?